The Scottish Terrier!

The Scottie is among the most popular of the Terriers.

It is classified as a small-sized dog.

The standard size for a Scottie is 10 inches tall from paw to shoulder and a weight for male is from 19-22 pounds with the female weighing slightly less. Anything larger is undesirable. Everything about a Scottie is solid and square. Shaggy eyebrows, beard and furnishings are all part of a Scotties typical appearance. The Scottie's wiry, weather-resistant coat needs regular brushing and occasional clipping to maintain the characteristic breed outline.

Scotties can be wheaten, brindle or black in colour and I  have all three colours in  my kennel.

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Scotties thrive as house pets and gentle loving members of their families. Their spirited natures require obedience training, and they need regular exercise (on leash, as the chase instinct is strong) Scotties have a natural prey instinct so they are not always compatible with other smaller animals. Proper socialization and training will ensure that you will have a wonderful pet that will keep you smiling for years to come.